What is Auto Detailing?

Will it increase the value?

Auto Detailing is not one process but multiple techniques and products that are used to return the car to show room quality. This process can often take multiple hours depending on the condition of the car.

Auto detailing is generally broken down into two categories: exterior and interior.

Exterior detailing includes cleaning and restoring the car's finish, shining chrome and trim, cleaning the wheels, dressing the tires and cleaning all exterior windows on the car.

Interior detailing is a deep clean of the inside of the car that includes vacuuming, steam cleaning carpets and upholstery, reconditioning all inside surfaces and cleaning all interior windows.

The professionals at Platinum Detail and Accessories have the right combination of knowledge, tools and chemicals to help give any car or truck that show room appearance. To see a list of services please see our services page for more information.

Call us and our professionals will walk you through the benefits of a great car detail.

A full detail can provide protection from
* Rust
* Debris
* UV Rays
* Cracking Tires
* Cracking Leather and Plastics
* Carpet Wear and Tear
* Fading
* Minor scratches

Finally the most important benefit for many car enthusiasts is pride. Platinum Detail and Accessories understands that your car is an extension of your personality and we want to help your personality shine. Our professionals can get your car show room ready and make every day feel like a success.

Call us at 248-260-7126 to schedule an appointment. We also offer pick up and drop off for those with busy work schedules.


If you are looking to trade in or sell your car, Platinum Detail and Accessories can provide a full detail that can increase the value of your car by hundreds of dollars!

The professionals at Platinum Detail and Accessories have been trained to focus on the smallest of details when working with a car. This is why we are the best in the industry. Our extensive training can change the value of your car with one visit. If you check out www.nadaguides.com or Kelly Blue Book you will see how a clean car can make a difference in value. The following is just one example of the drastic price values between fair and excellent from their website:

Protection and Pride for your car or truck